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Protecting the privacy and the personal rights of visitors to the website (hereinafter as ‘Boxranking’, ‘’, ‘Service Provider’, ‘Controller’, ‘website’, ‘we’ and its related forms) is of paramount importance to us. When you visit the website, your personal data may be processed and used. With this privacy notice, we would like to underline our commitment to processing your data in a safe and reliable manner, and we believe it is important to introduce the procedure that we apply for the processing of the personal data of the users of the website (hereinafter as ‘Users’). The page and other services are hereinafter referred to as ‘Service’. In our operation we comply with the stringent provisions of the general data protection regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and of Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information (hereinafter as ‘Info Act’).
By visiting the website, by registering on the website, the User accepts the Service Provider’s data processing rules in accordance with the provisions of this notice. If you do not agree with our data processing rules, please do not use our service.


Scope and purpose o processing
This website provides up-to-date information about professional boxing life to those involved in the sport, especially to boxers, managers, promoters, matchmakers, and national and international boxing organisations.
The Service Provider intends to provide information on professional boxing events and the matches taking place there, as well as to record the results of professional female and male boxers, and to create and manage a ranking list based on it.
Service Provider receives the information it records from professional boxing federations who at first must register on the website. The name and e-mail address must be provided during the registration. Users receive a personal password to log in to the account (hereinafter as ‘password’). The password is encrypted in every case.
Registration is not required to visit the website, however, certain operations or data content are only available for Users with adequate privileges, with a password or after registration.
We kindly ask registered Users not to reveal their username and password to third persons as in such cases the content that they have right to create might be created by unauthorised persons. Revealing the password is regarded as a breach of the data protection rules which might result in revoking the privileges of the controller of the federations.
Only professional boxing federations can register. After the registration, professional boxing federations shall have the right to upload to the website information about the boxing events to be organised and then the results of individual matches following the event. The results are published on the page after they have been compared to the official record of the results received by Boxranking.
The professional boxing federations are responsible for checking the validity of the data that they forward to Boxranking as well as for obtaining a statement from the data subjects for the processing and forwarding of the personal data of the boxers. Service Provider shall not accept any responsibility for the validity of the data received from the boxing federations.
We only publish data that the professional boxing federations have verified and uploaded into our system, such data, however, are in every case uploaded to our database as long as their content matches the official record of the results.
Users provide their name and e-mail address when contacting our customer service. These data are required so that we can fulfil our obligation to provide a response.
We may collect information regarding you even if you are not a registered User of the website, these are the so-called automatically collected data. Such data may include IP address, unique device identifier, cookie data, referrer information, date and time of visit, the device, program or browser used, the type, version number and language settings of the operating system of the device. We may collect information about your clicks, the pages visited, searches and other activities performed on the page. We may aggregate the activities carried out and the data collected from different computers and devices. We use these data to prevent abuse, to maintain the secure operation of our Service, and to analyse and understand our Service.

Boxranking may provide reputable third parties with aggregated statistics regarding its Users, our traffic patterns, and the related website information, but such statistics shall not contain any personal identification data.

Method and duration of processing

Personal data may only be processed for a specific purpose, to exercise a right and to fulfil an obligation. Only such personal data may be processed which is absolutely necessary for the realisation of the purpose of the processing and which is suitable for realising that purpose. The personal data can only be processed to the extent and for the period required to fulfil the purpose of the processing. Under the provisions of the Info Act, we collect, process and use the personal data of the Users especially when they visit the website, register on the website, or contact us through the website. We only use the data in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and this privacy notice.
The processing of the personal data begins with the registration or at the first instance of communication and lasts until the data is deleted based on an explicit request.
Service Provider may use the information obtained from the use of the website in the following ways:
-    for administration of boxing events and matches
-    for keeping a list of promoters, managers, and matchmakers
-    for the purpose of customising the user experience
-    for further development of the website
-    for sending e-mails
-    to ensure the secure operation of the website, to prevent abuse

The information on the website can be downloaded, viewed, printed out or copied to the hard drive of the computer and used by the Users without a separate consent by Service Provider, but only for personal purposes.

It is forbidden to create any database by downloading the data from the website without the prior written consent of the Service Provider, the data on the website are under copyright protection by Boxranking and therefore forwarding it to third parties or distributing it without displaying the copyright or trademark protection is forbidden.

Obtaining data from through the use of automated systems or software is forbidden, except where the third party has entered into an agreement with Service Provide permitting access to the information of

The data belonging to Boxranking may not be used for commercial purposes, and may not be used in the media, for betting or for other platforms without the prior consent of the Service Provider.

The copyright of certain materials published on the website are the property of the Service Provider. In cases where the material published on the website is not protected by the copyright or another right of the Service Provider, it is the responsibility of the User uploading such material to obtain the necessary permissions.

Users’ rights regarding the data

Users have a lawful right to request information on the personal data that we process regarding them.
The professional boxing federations are responsible for checking the validity of the data that they forward to Boxranking as well as for obtaining a statement from the data subjects for the processing and forwarding of the personal data of the boxers. Service Provider shall not accept any responsibility for the validity of the data received from the professional boxing federations.
We only publish data that the professional boxing federations have verified and uploaded to our system.
Boxers should contact the professional boxing federation that has issued their license if they wish to exercise their rights in relation to providing or withdrawing their consent to processing, or in connection with the modification, erasure or restricting the processing of their personal data. Some of the data on the website may be modified by registered Users (professional boxing federations), the Service Provider may only act upon the express request of the boxing federation that has issued the license of the boxer in connection with any withdrawals, forbidding, modification or erasure with regards to the personal data.
In cases where we are required to preserve any data as required by law or based on our contractual obligations, such data will not be deleted but access to them will be restricted instead in a way that prevents their use for other purposes.

Users’ obligations

User are responsible for acting in a fair and lawful manner when using the website, respecting the rights and interests of others.
Users shall comply with the applicable laws and the rules of using the website and shall refrain from any act during the use of the website that is unlawful or one that harms the interests of other parties.
User shall especially:
−    respect the privacy, individual rights and legitimate interests of others;
−    refrain from collecting information about other persons unlawfully and from the unlawful use of the information that they have obtained;
−    refrain from committing a criminal act or an offence;
−    respect the rights related to intellectual property, especially the rules relating to the protection of copyright protected literary, scientific and artistic works, inventions, design marks, utility models, trademarks and distinctive trade signs;
−    refrain from sending spam and hoax e-mails;
-    refrain from any activity that harms the interests of the Service Provider, especially: interfering with or preventing the operation of the website; activities that aim to obtain and use the trade secrets of or any information treated as confidential by the Service Provider; any communication that includes false information with regard to the service; jeopardising the information-technology security of the website; or one that aims to promote proprietary products or services belonging to them or third persons.
Violation of the above may result in banning the User with immediate and permanent effect.

Use of cookies

In order to ensure the provision of a high quality, reliable and seamless service to you, and its partners use cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter as ‘cookie’).
Cookies are small data packages that the website places in your browser. There are three major types of cookies.
Session cookies: Such cookies last for the duration of a visit and store information so that you will not need to provide certain information over and over again. Session cookies expire and are deleted shortly after you leave the Page or when the browser is closed.
Permanent cookies: Such cookies store your preferences in connection with your visit and allow us to recognise you when you visit the Page again. These cookies remain in the browser until you delete them or until they expire.
Third-party cookies: Such cookies are not related to and they may include browsing activities from more websites and sessions. These can usually be classified as permanent cookies and remain in the browser until you delete them or until they expire.
Cookies store basic information about your browsing habits and they help us operate, and customise user experience in the best possible way.
Besides cookies, we also use other similar technologies:
Web beacons: These are small graphic elements carrying a unique identification which help measure and monitor the operations performed on the website and the visitor statistics. These pixels may collect information about your device, the type of the operating system running on it, your IP address and the date and time of your visit to the website.
UTM codes: By using tracking URLs we can determine from which website you arrived in the website.
Security and authentication: We use cookies that are essential for the functioning of, these ensure that the functioning of the Service is adequate both for the visitors and the users. These, for example, help maintaining security and allow authentication.
Accounts and user preferences: We use cookies to remember your preferences, for example your language settings and your request for the Page to remember you on your next visit, and we use cookies to customise the content and the appearance of the Page according to your needs.
Statistics and performance: We use cookies to collect data about the performance of the Page and to learn more about the usage habits of our visitors. With the help of these cookies we can identify potential errors and we can use the acquired knowledge to make the Service more efficient. We can also better understand which pages the visitors of visit, which functions they use and how they use them.
Advertisements: Advertising cookies ensure that the advertisements you see on our website and on other pages are the most relevant for you. These technologies that are provided by third parties make it possible to recognise the devices you use, to forward information that is based on demography and interest, without identifying you personally. This lets us display customised advertisements to you. Third-party service providers are not controlled by, they have their own privacy policy and practice.
On the first occasion that you visit our website we display a warning in an information banner about our use of cookies. By continuing the use of our Service you consent to their use.
You have the right to manage or ban the use of certain cookies. Please be advised that if you delete the cookies of, your access to certain functions or subpages of the Page may as a result deteriorate or become limited.
Browser settings: You can manage the cookies within the settings of your Internet browser. The location of the settings section depends on the type of your browser. You may find the settings in your browser with the “Help” function.
Unsubscribing with a mobile device: You can manage the cookie settings of the browser with your mobile device. More detailed information may be available in the manufacturer’s guide.

Third-party links:

Pages that can be accessed via links of third-party service providers displayed on our website have their own privacy policies and notices for which Boxranking shall not accept any liability whatsoever.

Amendments to the Data Processing Notice
The Service Provider maintains the right to modify this Privacy and Data Processing Notice at any time subject to its unilateral decision. After such modifications, every User shall be adequately informed on the website. By continuing the use of the service, Users acknowledge the amended data processing rules and the amended notice, and no further consent is required on their part.

Legal remedies

Users have the right to legal remedies in exercising their rights in court, according to the Info Act and Act V of 2013 (Civil Code), and they may turn to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (H-1125 Budapest Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C; mailing address: H-1530 Budapest, Pf. 5.) with regard to any issues related to personal data.
Should you have any questions or comments in connection with data processing apart from the above, please send it to the following e-mail

Effective from: 27. May 2019.